Membership tiers

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Life-time Membership

Ordinary (Swiss Citizen) - $6,420 / member - $9,630 / family i.e Applicant & Spouse Associate (Other Nationalities) - $7,490 / member - $11,770 / family i.e Applicant & Spouse

  • Ordinary Membership is a life membership and open to Swiss nationals only, whilst Associate Membership is open to other nationalities.
  • An Ordinary/Associate Member pays a one-time Entrance Fee, Refundable Deposit and Monthly Subscription Fee.
  • Mode of payment for all Club’s expenses is by GIRO.
  • An Ordinary/Associate member may register for Absent Membership when he leaves Singapore and his membership can be activated again when he returns to Singapore in the future. Once the membership is activated, the Monthly Subscription Fee will commence.
  • Absent Member is entitled to use the Club and its facilities free of subscription for a period not exceeding seven consecutive days. For any period of time exceeding seven days from the date of first registration, the current monthly subscription will be charged for every subsequent 30/31 days (depending on calendar month). Payment for any consumption of F & B must be made by credit card / NETS with a 10% surcharge.
  • Family includes spouse and dependants below the age of 25.
  • All prices includes 7% GST

Corporate Membership

Swiss and other nationalities - $13,375.00 / member - $26,750 / family i.e Applicant & Spouse

  1. Entitlement of nominee
  2. add. nominees applicable
  • Corporate Membership is a membership purchased by a Corporate Company based in Singapore and is open to all Swiss and non-Swiss nominees i.e personnel and spouse (if any) of the registered Corporate Company.
  • The Corporate Company can nominate any of its personnel to be a Corporate Nominee; each membership for each nominee (applicant and spouse require two memberships).
  • The Corporate Company must inform Swiss Club on the change of nominee due to resignation or relocation of the Corporate Nominee; a Transfer Fee is applicable for the change of nominee.
  • The Corporate Company is given a grace period of two months only without paying the Monthly Subscription Fee, to nominate a replacement for the vacant Corporate Nominee entitlement.
  • Swiss Club will liaise directly with the company on the Entrance Fee and Monthly Subscription Fee of the Corporate Nominee and the Corporate Company is liable to ensure that these two payments are made promptly.
  • Any additional costs/fees by the Corporate Nominee will be charged to his/her membership account directly to be settled according to the payment mode.
  • Mode of payment for all Club’s expenses is by GIRO.
  • Additional entitlements: $13,375 (incl. GST)
  • Transfer Fee Payable on change of nominee: $3,210 (incl. GST)
  • Family includes spouse and dependants below the age of 25.
  • All prices includes 7% GST

Subscription Fees

Monthly subscription fees:

  • Couple / Family - $262.15
  • Single - $ 131.08
*All fees are inclusive of 7% GST

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