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Rules & Regulations

1. Rule 46: Management of the Land Fund

The new rule reads as follows: a) The Land Fund shall be managed by a sub-committee established under Rule 47, to be known as the “Land Fund Sub-Committee”. b) The Land Fund shall be held in reserve to support the Club's future operations, serve as a resource during economic downturns or provide an additional source of income to support and further the Club’s objectives. c) The Land Fund shall be invested prudently with the objective of long-term capital preservation while realizing appropriate investment income. d) Any income of the Land Fund should in principle be reinvested. However, any possible cash flow requirement by the Club may be decided by a General Meeting and may be drawn from the Land Fund by a simple majority of Voting Members present at the General Meeting. The Capital of the Land Fund may not be spent except with an affirmative vote of not less than two thirds of the Voting Members present at a General Meeting. e) To the extent it considers prudent, the Land Fund Sub-Committee may, with the prior approval of the Committee, delegate management and investment decisions to one or more external qualified agents, such as a bank, investment advisor, investment manager. f) The asset allocation of the Land Fund may be determined from time to time by the Land Fund Sub-Committee, in consultation with any external agent appointed by the Land Fund Sub-Committee, which allocation shall reflect a proper balance of the Land Fund's investment objective, any risk tolerance standard and the need for liquidity. g) The Land Fund Sub-Committee shall report to the Committee on investments of the Land Fund at quarterly intervals or upon request of the Committee at any time.

2. Rule 47: Establishment of the Land Fund Sub-Committee

a) The Land Fund Sub-Committee shall consist of not less than three and not more than five members, of which not more than two shall be Committee Members and up to three shall be Members. b) The appointment of Land Fund Sub-Committee Members shall occur at each annual General Meeting, except that when the Land Fund Sub-Committee is first constituted, such appointment may also occur at an extraordinary General Meeting. At the General Meeting concerned: i) The Committee shall designate two of their number to become Land Fund Sub-Committee Members. ii) Between one and three Members, not being Committee Members, shall be elected by majority vote of the Voting Members, to be the other Land Fund Sub-Committee Members. Each nomination shall be made by a Voting Member and seconded by a second Voting Member. The nomination shall also require the agreement by the nominated person to stand for election. c) Each Land Fund Sub-Committee Member so appointed shall serve on the Land Fund Sub-Committee until the next annual General Meeting of the Club. Upon expiry of this period, the appointment of that Land Fund Sub-Committee Member shall automatically lapse. d) Notwithstanding Rule 47(c), a Land Fund Sub-Committee Member shall immediately cease to be a Land Fund Sub-Committee Member if: i) He resigns or is deemed to have resigned from his membership in the Club pursuant to these Rules. ii) He resigns from his position as Land Fund Sub-Committee Member by giving 4 weeks’ written notice of such resignation to the Land Fund Sub-Committee; iii) If the Committee votes by a vote representing 75% of the attending Committee Members that a Land Fund Sub-Committee Member has conducted himself in a manner which is not befitting his position as Land Fund Sub-Committee Member; iv) If the Land Fund Sub-Committee Member is subject to any suspension/exclusion from the Club and/or if the Land Fund Sub-Committee Member is suspended or expelled from the Club, as provided for in Rule 25 and 26. e) In the event that a Land Fund Sub-Committee Member is put into a position of conflict between that of the Club and Land Fund Sub-Committee and his personal/business interest, he shall be obliged to inform the Land Fund Sub-Committee of the same without delay and shall abstain from voting on matters in which he is conflicted. f) The Committee may, from time to time, by majority vote, appoint any person, being a Member, as a Land Fund Sub-Committee Member to fill any vacant position (subject to Rule 47(a)). Such Land Fund Sub-Committee Member’s appointment shall continue until the next Club annual General Meeting, whereupon the appointment shall automatically lapse.

3. Rule 48: Land Fund Sub-Committee Meetings

a) The Land Fund Sub-Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary to further its objectives. b) The quorum for a meeting of the Land Fund Sub-Committee shall be 3. c) All decisions taken by the Land Fund Sub-Committee shall be decided by means of a majority vote of all the Land Fund Sub-Committee Members present. In the event of an equality of votes, the attending chairman shall not have a second or casting vote. d) The Land Fund Sub-Committee shall cause proper minutes to be made in respect of the proceedings of all meetings of Land Fund Sub-Committee. In particular, such minutes shall document the deliberations and reasons for the investment or divestment decisions of the Land Fund Sub-Committee Members.

4. Rule 49: Detailed Investment Policies

a) The Land Fund Sub-Committee shall develop and maintain a detailed investment policy according to which the Land Fund shall be invested. Such policy, and any amendments thereto, shall be approved by both the Land Fund Sub-Committee and the Committee, and the Land Fund shall at all times be invested by the Land Fund Sub-Committee strictly in accordance with such policy. For the avoidance of doubt, such policy shall not contradict or derogate from any of the provisions of Rule 46. b) The detailed investment policy shall address items such as, but not limited to: i) Investment philosophies, asset allocation guidelines, prohibited investments, and risk and return expectations; ii) Specific caps intended to promote diversification of the investment portfolio, such as caps on the market value of the portfolio that may be invested in any one industry, in the securities of any one company or in any asset class; iii) Responsibilities of investment managers and custodians if management and investment authority has been delegated to such external agents; iv) Guidance on the basic standards, rules and requirements that must be reflected in any specific guidelines established for investment managers; v) Whether restrictions should be imposed on the types of permitted investments for non-financial reasons (e.g., prohibitions on investments in certain industries, such as tobacco); vi) Criteria for selecting and evaluating investment managers; or vii) Criteria/benchmarks that will be used to evaluate the investment performance.

5. Rule Numbering updates

Please take note of the new rule numbering starting from Rule 50 onwards, due to the inclusion of the new Rules 46 - 49.

6. Keeping your personal records updated

In an effort to keep the membership database up-to-date, we kindly request all members of the Swiss Club to inform our Membership Manager, Serene Yee, of any changes in your personal particulars. The Swiss Club will be thankful for your active cooperation.

7. Rule §16.i.

To all our Swiss Club absent members, please take note of the new rule as follows: "Renewal: Before the expiry of 20 years, starting from the date on which the relevant Membership is changed to an Absent Membership, the Absent Member shall contact the Club to renew the Absent Membership; failing to do so will result in his Absent Membership being cancelled."